Quantitative research excellence

Our established team of quantitative directors and project managers are the driving force behind our Quantitative Center of Excellence initiative, promoting best practice approaches for managing the implementation of new developments and emerging methodologies

Today, quantitative research faces a number of major challenges from both a sampling and budget perspective. We employ both tried and tested approaches as well as newer and more creative solutions to get below the surface and uncover the marketing truths.

Focused recruitment

Quantitative recruitment is increasingly difficult in therapy areas currently of interest, such as specialty medicine and rare diseases. We use custom recruitment approaches learned from our qualitative colleagues to deliver leaner, more focused samples across all relevant stakeholder groups.

Demand assessments

The lines between demand assessment and forecasting are becoming more and more blurred, particularly in emerging markets where local epidemiological or market size information is not available. We work with our Emerging Markets team to understand the nature of these markets and design surveys which capture incidence information during the recruitment process. Demand Calibration techniques, which use a gated method to adjust for overstatement rather than relying on historic analogues, further improve the quality of our market estimations.

Workable segmentation

With the patient an ever more important stakeholder, we recognise that patient segmentation is a vital element of the research plan for many top brands. We provide detailed and actionable segmentations, which establish patients’ needs and motivations. The findings we produce can be easily integrated into our client’s business and shared within the marketing team.

Healthcare brands are under increasing pressure to perform. Tougher demand for greater returns on marketing spend, structural changes in the marketplace, tougher regulatory constraints and of course, increasingly competitive brands, mean building the right positioning has never been more critical.

Brand Positioning from Global Regulatory and Consumer Insights is a unique framework of tools, techniques and templates specifically designed to tackle the most challenging positioning issues across the product lifecycle.

Split into four distinct stages – Diagnosis, Creation, Realization, Monitoring – the framework is based on three fundamental principles. Firstly, Brand Positioning is a process, not a one size fits all solution. The framework provides a flexible approach, easily adapted to meet particular requirements. You can simply dip into the framework to find the solution for a specific challenge, or you can utilize the framework from start to finish to guide your product through every stage of its positioning life cycle.

Secondly, Brand Positioning is based on understanding relevant customer insights and unmet needs. It spans early market landscape exploration through to performance monitoring. And thirdly, the ideation process with key internal stakeholders is core to brand positioning development. So, right from understanding the emotional drivers and motivations of your customers to formulating your communications and checking how well they are delivering your desired positioning, there is a tool or solution ready to provide the specific insight you require.

Implementing success

Our experienced senior team supported by our talented researchers are equipped with the skills and creative flair to design and implement quantitative research solutions that take you further with your decision making.

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