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All pharmaceutical products present a common challenge, a pharmaceutical product is only valuable when it’s available. To be available, a product must be approved and every market requires its own approval. Without pre-market approval, no product can be sold, no revenue can be generated, and no growth can be achieved. In spite of this, the practice of regulatory affairs has not changed for more than 40 years. It remains a fragmented, costly, and inefficient process, managed manually and mostly through local distributors or consulting services.

As growth in the pharmaceutical sector continues to shift from the traditional US, EU, and Japanese markets toward emerging markets, and the need to be first to market is becoming more and more important, the regulatory landscape becomes even more complex.

Practical Approach to Drive your Market Approval

We have a wealth of technical and practical experience in regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, licensing and strategic development, and can offer advice, guidance and hands-on support at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Our team of consultants offers a depth and breadth of collective and individual expertise that enables us to deliver consistently successful outcomes for our clients, achieved through a combination of innovative thinking, professional commitment and scientific rigour. We provide a flexible and approachable service that can be tailored to the needs of the individual client and project, and we are particularly renowned for our lateral thinking and problem solving capabilities. As a result, the majority of our business comes from repeat business, referrals and personal recommendations.

Whatever the scope, scale and duration of your project, Global Regulatory & Consumer Insights are committed to delivering a successful outcome that exceeds your expectations.


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