In-licensing and out-licensing provide an important tactic by which companies are able to expand their pipeline and/or can maximise the market opportunity of their products. Most companies enter into licensing negotiations with partners at some stage. These can relate to in- or out-licensing or local manufacture, distribution or marketing.

How can we help?

Due to the complexities of the process and subsequent time required to undertake them effectively, it is often more convenient to contract out your in- or outlicensing requirements. Our experienced consultants can help you to locate opportunities and judge the suitability of potential partners and/or products. We can identify the most fruitful leads and provide you with opportunities which have been screened by our experts. We not only have the skills and knowledge of the market to find partner companies but we can also provide full technical assessments of product dossiers for suitability for registration and marketing. A key part of this process is applying the necessary due diligence to ensure the scientific data package is accurate. We provide independent, unbiased assessment reports on all types of products which are invaluable to both licensors and licensees. Data assessments are carried out by discipline experts to the standards of all the major regulatory authorities and will identify areas of weakness or omission in the data and reveal the extent of any further work that will be required. In addition, we can handle all the regulatory aspects of transferring the marketing authorisation to your company.

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