Pharmacovigilance Training & Seminars

It is a requirement according to pharmacovigilance legislation that all staff are appropriately trained on aspects of pharmacovigilance relevant to their role within a company. Together with providing them with a solid foundation regarding the company’s regulatory and legal requirements, it is important that all companies handling  pharmacovigilance data are fully aware of their obligations concerning the processing of safety information. Another key factor is the increasing expectation that pharmacovigilance specialists should have appropriate training records for scrutiny during GVP audits andinspections.

How can we help?

Our experienced pharmacovigilance consultants design training programmes to meet clients’ specific requirements. We are experienced in designing one-to-one training courses to comprehensive programmes and seminars in accordance with GVP requirements.

For a more detailed discussion on how we can help you, contact us on +91 886000 9879 or email us via our contact form

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